Maria Vorotilenko

Artistic Director

Maria first was introduced to folk dance when she was 7 at the local group in Belarus, at the time dancing for only couple of years.  The love for Ukrainian dance developed when she moved to Canada and joined Vohnets Ukrainian dance group.  Wanting to continue to grow she joined Nadiya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. During her 20+ years of dance career, she performed throughout Canada, US, Latin America and Europe.  Maria was a member of numerous performance collaboration with Yunist State Ensemble from Lviv, Ukraine.  She took part in workshops with different state ensembles of Ukraine, such as Volyn Song & Dance Ensemble, Yunits State Ensemble, Virsky among a few.  Over last 8 years Maria has been teaching Ukrainian dance in Edmonton.  Until 2022 she was one of the lead instructors at Trembita Art School and in 2019 she took over as an Artistic Director for Yatran Dance Academy.  Maria constantly looking for ways to improve as an instructor by attending instructor workshops in Canada and Ukraine, taking courses on body development, ballet techniques, stretching and other forms of fitness.  But most importantly she wants to continue to share vibrant Ukrainian culture with the world.

Taisiia Yuriichuk

Dance Instructor

Taia was born in a small village Khimchyn, in the west of Ukraine.  The region is famous for the beautiful Karpathian mountains and Hutzul culture.  She started dancing at the age of 6 and always successfully combined studying at school with her hobby, rehearsals and performances.  After high school, Taia went on to graduate from the Kosiv Children’s School of Arts, Department of Choreography, where her love for Ukrainian dance was instilled in her.  After finishing school, despite all her fears, she decided to make dancing her profession and entered Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Department of Folk Choreography.  Its there that she realized she made the right choice; the crazy student life, professional teachers, a large theoretical base, comprehensive development, concerts, practices, performances on the biggest stages in Ukraine will forever remain in her memory.  In the summer of 2022, Taia moved to Canada and is now trying to build her life in Edmonton.  She is only 21 and this is just the beginning.  Taya wants to continue developing Ukrainian dance and culture far away from home with Ukraine in her heart.