The new dance year is upon us!

The Yatran Dance Academy is accepting new registrations! We are looking forward to welcome all dancers old and new.

About Us

Dance Academy with a 35-year history

Yatran Ukrainian Dance Academy is an exciting place where great friends are made and dance dreams are realized! Come and explore Alberta’s treasured art and culture through Yatran School and Performing Group.

Out Benefits

Preschool to Adults

Whatever your age and interest, there is a place for you at Yatran.

Proven Dance instructors

Our instructors work hard to ensure your personal success, whether you are here just for fun and fitness or you intend to pursue dance further. 

dance costumes provided

We have built a regional club owned costume library accomplished through the dedicated fundraising
efforts or our parents.

Wide range of repertoire

Ukrainian dance comes in plenty of forms, moves, and music. We teach students numerous Ukrainian dances. 

performing opportunities

We strive to create a fun learning environment
with the highest priority placed on developing the required skills of technique and presentation. Competitive and non-competitive performing opportunities

Have a look at our Events

Always enjoying dancing

Over the years, Yatran had performed at festivals, cultural events and private functions just to name a few. Yatran dancers had an opportunity to perform in other regions in Canada, US, Mexico and Ukraine.